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resulting from the granular destruction of the muscle by the trichinae, and

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saline springs, such as Wiesbaden, should be preferred. Sulphur springs

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two people were present at the opening of the chest, and were both

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Thus, it is probable that tubercular peritonitis should be considered a

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ysm may be produced by mental or physical excitement, by an attack

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are to be found in disease of the valves of the heart or of the myocardium,

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In from thirty-six to forty-eight hours, however, in favorable cases all

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regard to it. The brevity displayed is commendable only in that

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to a floating kidney not infrequently disappear after the climacteric. If

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prompt, and was produced too often, to admit of its being cofTsidered

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general condition. Probably in the majority of bad cases there is a more

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dles, with an increase of the nuclei of the sarcolemma of the interstitial

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diphtheria bacillus are instituted in the place of its growth, while those

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between himself and his assistants ; and for my part, I have always

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dermis over the inflamed joint separates in scales. The premonitory

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the rectum or through the navel. Such relief is usually but temporary,

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shrinks very greatly, and its walls are thickened and calcified.

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the spasm involves now this and now that muscle of the face. Owing

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The third class of cases is that in which the sleep comes on without

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in general is unfavorable. Death is caused usually by acute or chronic

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of the pharynx is congested, perhaps covered with a layer of opaque

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which dilatation of the cavities and hypertrophy of the wall are com-

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perspiration, and increased mental excitability, while in myxoedema and

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rior edge of the liver is easily traced, and the liver may be returned to

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and the disease may progress without care until a favorable termination

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the feet are raised only a short distance from the ground, and are moved

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the course of months and the cavity be obliterated by the formation of

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g^erally; ana I may add, the conical shape of the bladder, whereby

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elsewhere in the right iliac fossa, or even in the umbilical or the lumbar

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tain a thick, bloody fluid. As in rapidly fatal cases of pancreatic hem-

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fect security, and hundreds of houses once haunted by the pestilence

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Most observers find that the urinary secretion is in no way modified.

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and from malt diastase is also worthy of further trial.

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but when administered drop by drop on a smgle layer of a thin

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infants, is the conspicuous feature, manifested by rapid and superficial

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