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patibility has reference, not to the Peruvian bark, but to the subatauoo ]

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L employed will often put an end to an affection, which may have 1>

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Mucous Secretions. — These secretions are not so much in-

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should even be preferred to the mercurials, as it tends to repair, instead

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cannot be separated from that of the skin ; 2. that the cutaneous excite

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stead of being converted by oxidation into gallic acid, which is at once

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sary to health. (Ed. Month. Jouni. of Med,, Jan. 1855, p. 9.) It is not

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it is said to bo chiefly procured from ilw former. (See Poppy Cap^

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bath, &c. The explanation, therefore, is as incorrect as the

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Effects on the System. 1 shall first treat of the effects of roasted coffee,

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and may be given in doses of from five to thirty raioims, either tnixod

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OTer the parts corresponding with the levator ani« while the metallic ox*

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and their habitual use would only hasten the fatal issue. The only hope

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cerned, these effects are such as characterize excitation. The flushed

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Pappenheimer, Kunz, and Richardson, 1951; Boring, Angevine, and

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Uses of the Cold Bath. — The diseases in which the

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When cut open, it is seen to have two or three ei41s, containing flat

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and nervous irritability. From its relaxing properties, some

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lies on the confines of the shadow-land, and it might

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one, this ingredient is in the state in which it was produced by the act of

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is to be acted on, or a tumour to be dispersed, it is usually deemed Ijcst

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powerful effects in spasmodic diseases for which ether itself is given ;

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of potassium, in which free iodine has been dissolved, throws down i

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of changing to hrow^n the yellow colour of turmeric paper held over il^l

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in the year 1782, by Dr. T. Pereival, of England, and was afterwards

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ever, albumen is next in value to fibrin. Gelatine forms

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somewhat aromatic taste, and tinges the saliva yellow when chewed.

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lacteals, from the appearance of the fluid which they carry.

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method of application, electricity nmy sometimes be usefully employe