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thyroid and noting the existence, of exophthalmos when only a

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marked loss of flesh, three dying in less than one and one-half

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ance at least, at Leghorn, where she touched on her passage to Marseilles, and

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Rapid convalescence took place in spite of the persistent cough, expectora-

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sweats, and watchfulness diminish, he begins to get fiesh and strength, and, with

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tering the intestine. Later on when the bile again passed through

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secondary complications." Inflammation of the ileum and colon are

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time, destroying more or less of it. Many had frankly given up

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to examine. The x-ray, however, showed a well-defined increase

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been one or more females among the remaining cases, but this is

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relieved by vomiting. He has much less difficulty with liquid food than

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a substance able to cause a complete cure of cancer. The aim of

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Some of the reasons for considering poliomyelitis an insect-borne

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cases. In two they persisted close up to the time of the fatal

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Dr. Lewis A. Conner: What are we to do if we take x-ray pictures

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not only granules of degeneration, but some of them are shrunken

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evening I found him running about the room. He was washed at bed-time,

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but is lacking in what Schmidt called fibrinoplastic substance,

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determines the character of the change in form of the electrocardio-

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Wagner having heard that on the 22nd July, 1834, two persons in the village of

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time that this disease prevailed in these two latter places, 1814, a

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more, we have the fact that monkeys may be infected by feeding,

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test for soluble proteid was used as an aid in drawing conclusions

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We see, therefore, that even in the most favorable cases no cure

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come to any conclusion. If the lesion is on the lesser curvature,

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cavity a large amount of blood. Large intestine normal. Along entire

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fected as beyond tlie reach of cure. Under tliese circumstances, M. Lisfranc,

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teen months after death, and of the detection of poisoning by arsenic. The sub-

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On May 7, the teeth were again thoroughly radiographed, and though

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