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either of the works before us, but shall content ourselves by

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abortion, although it may often not be recognized at the time, being

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to children in hospitals, or in other particularly exposed circumstances.

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Society, to confer with the authorized officials, and re-

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part of the mucous membrane from which the portal vein receives branches, may

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nary iodin compounds. (3) There is no loss of iodin. (4)

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The original scheme of injections as devised by Pasteur has been

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less cases in all the various forms of the disease, after having been

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oakum, and the patient was placed in Sawyer's splint.

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35. Q-astroJejunostomy In Oastrectasis. — ^Two cases are

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conviction that many such can be provided for in cottage-homes

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mind a glass of beer has no associations with the dietary of the

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1. Gentian 1 oz., chamomile ? oz., oak-bark i oz., ginger i

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result of lack of moisture. Consciousness is still present but dulled.

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in aqueous mixture being nothing more nor less than a

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closer attention to this subject, and have been of great influence in

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severed, and that traction should be then made upon the

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flow to all such parts, to a degree that depletes a non-secret-

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cium below the optimum. Better results were obtained with a plasma

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Forbes Ross, M.D. (Edin.), F.R.C.S. (England), late Civil

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infection with ordinary bacteria. The demonstration of this fact

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formity ■ their cranial development is not always satisfactory;

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Dr. Meyer thought that the main result to be gained was

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in any case, these symptoms are followed, in two or three

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17. Mackay L, Morgan AS: Early swallowing disorders with severe

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financial resources, I am confronted with the possible difficulty that I may

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been from the inhalation through the nostrils of the

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ez^te-ro-gft-6tro-c6^1d). [Gr. ivrepov intestine 4-

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which he found massed together in the capillaries of the viscera ; he

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Since our original article, one or two noteworthy contributions

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few weeks later was transferred to Ward 5. During the greater

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moved, the left hand must perform the operation, which