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exhibiting no ill effects resulting from the terrible ordeals

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respond to light readily ; considerably dilated, left more than

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empty stomach; a loose neck ; a free abdomen, no corsets or skirt-bands; removal

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While in Europe, he was made lecturer on surgery in Rush Medical

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called to Mr. Osborn, who, I was told, had a bone in his throat,

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Mr. Sniffin's wide reputation for ability and conscientiousness

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dispensaries to the college, then in Crosby street, where the anatom-

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ever famous. Among the lives are those of Albertus Magnus and

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more evident to him than such drug's power. And who knows

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considerably to the literature of his profession. He has always inter-

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to the healthful endurance of the people in time of cholera and

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chair of surgery in the Albany Medical College, of which he was

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His connection with various hospitals demands much of

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