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both to the pleural surfaces and to the bronchial lymph-glands. Abun-
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initial rash, which in small-pox is always limited in its distribution, is
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the joint. The usefulness of the member is impaii*ed but not de-
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pain ; in some cases, however, there is much vomiting, and in others
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especially likely to occur when the surroundings are insanitary, partic-
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that if one be exposed to its poison, but avoids all of those causes that
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allowed to flow down the side of a wineglass containing a few drachms
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were attributed to cysticerci in the muscles and skin, since they were found
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and general convulsions, are produced. If the abscess involve localizing
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of psychical weakness and good-natured stupidity, through which may be
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those of a mild melancholia. When the maniacal stage is reached, emo-
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but composed of vascularized granulation-tissue. These are the altera-
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confine the patient temporarily to a skim-milk diet. In other instances
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eral observers. Venous thrombosis, especially of the veins of the leg, is
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the cerebrum, so as to cause persistent loss of consciousness. (See
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are Meckel's diverticulum (the vitelline duct) and the patent or oblit-
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even before the characteristic septic or pyaeniic symptoms arise. The
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uous, and ascites, perhaps dropsy, may occur, death usually taking place
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from septicaemia. In suppurative pancreatitis the patient may die in
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cachexia and frequent jaundice. An echinococcus cyst in the region
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fusion of smaller cavities, and are of a spherical shape, the structure
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nature extremely sensitive, and the tendency to impulse pronounced, so
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the approximation of the abscess to the surface of the body. The urine
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increasing debility and eventual pulmonary oedema, or it may occur from