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test the suspected water supply for nitrate nitrogen.

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liver and spleen appeared to be of normal size. The urine

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Neither Fuller, Flint, Jaccoud, nor Aitken refer to this peculiar form

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cranial portions of the internal carotid, and also occupying

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lesions of motor nerves. Spinal injuries, with or without cord symptoms;

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after removal from the host (according to Cleland, Bradley and

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fession, it must be a very exceptional set of circumstances which justifies

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beta-blocker therapy; exacerbation of angina and, in some cases, myocardial infarc-

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of the tincture taken in water three times a day after meals, is a suit-

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As to authority in scientific matters, Bacon said long ago,

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it becomes the seat of this acute suppuration, it is not the mere local mischief

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Warren B. Matthews, M.D., Douglas Smith Fellow in Surgery.

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