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various forms of mental disease the system of Kraepelin is

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self he will attempt in the first ir.stance to remove the cause

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and the canal and driunhead sterilized with per cent alcohol. Pus

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proliferated resembling squamous epithelium. In the vicinity of

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age of a lady of nearly equal age said gaily Monsieur I

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more especially aggregated along the walls of the vessels. These

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effect of the various infections especially the Streptococ

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coryza. The constant irritation caused by a deviated septum pressing

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have been very difficult. The administration of an an

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diagnosis of the real condition must have been difficult if not impossible.

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tozoa. The blood may not infrequently be perceived to

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Xew York City emphasized the relation of mental hygiene

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affected by or recovering from it. It is however negatived

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small patch of gangrene in the mucous membrane of the

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This gives us approximately two thousand six hundred

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into the middle of the bag and the liquid gas is then allowed

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examination showed marked sclerosis of the posterior

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Regarding the safety of ethyl chlorid as a general an


changes being chiefly vascular including thickened arteries

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ders Soiberg Wells Pagenstecher Warlomont Horner Liebrich.

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body accessible to the use of the hypodermic needle. This

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and Three Women who refused Lapaiotomy by Dr. H. McHatton of

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insufficiency and a description of the lesion found affecting this valve

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