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mesentery, or the spleen. We avow it without shame,

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sodse and the liquor allowed to stand in a conical glass, will ex-

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clusively proven that preparations of mercury do not, and that

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diate auscultation the stethoscope is employed as a conductor of

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nation seem to be numbered, and that glorious flag of stars

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1859, at one o'clock, whom I found in labor with her

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But before exposing to you these results, I wish to re-

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"In several cases of Grave's disease we have succeeded in

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eyelids, face and upper extremities. In this case we select the

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garding it as a constitutional disease, or blood crasis, an

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whether the doctrine of determinate ideas or of absolute ne-

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otom)^ if all fluid were removed from the peritoneal cavity by

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receive remedies kindly, and permit their speedy absorption, in

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its sedative action ; in this it resembles digitalis. Employed in

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subcutaneous muscles and in the skin, giving an unpleasant uni-

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the patient's sense of heat may be taken as evidence, though this

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manure-heaps, also river water which is usually contamin-

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orrhages from the bladder and in the epistaxis that seems con-

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the tobacco. Remove the tobacco from the liquid, add the

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"Squill possesses expectorant and diuretic properties, and in

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In amenorrhea, menorrhagia and leucorrhea, with acute con-

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the early stages of pleurisy and pulmonary phthisis — usually

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the act of speaking; they are nearly always found attached to

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in reference to what he prefers to consider " sunstroke sui

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hemorrhage through the throat ; or the effused blood may form

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shown to be towards the simplification of every subject

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Usual Prescription. — 3^ Damiana, 3i; water, giv. M. Sig.

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low, and more or less of a jaundiced hue tinges the skin, while

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of the kidneys, the lungs, the heart, the brain, in which these or-

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sera; and, moreover, the same sort of accidents are reported from France,

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band was tightly bound around the chest or head ; palpitation ;

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in many cases of menorrhagia, especially when the tongue looks

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tion, displacement of apex beat, weak action, heart sounds pro-

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trophy. Its influence is best shown in cases characterized by

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indication — hemorrhoids and constipation due to vascular en-

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to the exclusion of those advised in the best known works on

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will be so nearly indispensable to the busy practitioner

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year of a man's life to old age. It is more marked, of course,

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conditions of the mouth, whether they be aphthous or specific.

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persons who freely indulge in alcohol the eye is often unnatu-