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to the faculty of Clermont Ferrand, he successively reviewed all
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the last annual meeting of this Branch there have been three
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Copaiba and cubebs. Both may occasion eruptions, but the former
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ing it to stand for one week. Of No. 2, first add the Sulphuric
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mediately after a passage crude muriatic acid should be poured over the fecal
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Charles W. Farr, lieutenant and asst.-surgeon, U. 8. A., recently
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with elastic catheters, but failed ; then with a No. 4 metallic instru-
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bronchoscopy, but at the same time I fully realize the tendency there is
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state. The people who accompanied him were either unwilling or unable
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jective. While the individual works the reserves of disposable
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if not properly prepared as a wash, it has to be so frequently reapplied that it is con-
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to ensue within a short time. These consist in hypertrophies and dilata-
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ably a tissue poison, of whose presence these are merely indications,
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Second case, treatment declined. The treatment used in the third
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absolute certainty that it will not open spontaneous-
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asylum compared with the other, is referable to the greater
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months and even years pass before the disease attains its height. Abnormal
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pulling either in an attempt to free a " stuck" job or to free the
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experts. They may be employed secretly and under untrue statements to
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caused her great unhappiness. The lady was excessively
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found described in detail in all text-books on the subject. But attention
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Small, V. R., Raleigh, Ohio State Univ. Med. Coll., 1916 1920 1921
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in preference to them. Those of us who can get them prefer
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diminished. The tumour apparently not affecting general health
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address the Association, until he shall have announced his
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not more being employed in the entire course of many cases