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water and the pieces placed on a sterilized platinum wire net.

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long as desirable. A very warm injection under these circumstances is

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Michigan, and ordered to Fort Gaston, California, for duty.

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complete cure of disagreeable sequelae. °f ^^'^'^}^^°^ efficiency and inefficiency of

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as a certain quantity of liquid has been withdrawn,

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The rapidity of the recovery in a certain proportion of cases shows that

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brain. As so many cases recover, routine surgical in-

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the absence of any such effect by the introduction of the

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tions of serum and gelatinous fluids, or the deposition

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Fig-. 168 is in some respects similar to the movement

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a confirmed invalid in the house of a relative, then living in Brooklyn.

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General of the Army. Special reports will be made in

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is fracture of the skull. The hemorrhage resulting from traumatism may be

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29 8oda or Magnesia in Vinegar. — Scrofulous swellings, Rickets.

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1900 O'N'bill, Hsnbt, M.D., M.C1l, J.P., ConBulting Surgeon Royal Vic-

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urethra, and illuminates an ar ea of the surface of its lining

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that many a wretch, brought to their healing fountains a mass of

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Tersely, persons who have had smallpox contract varicella. Tannfr

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ation is easy. Early in intrauterine life it at onc v e reheved ^ s dyspnea and tracheo-

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infiltration. It leads to evil results by obstructing the circulation in, and

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In regard to the instruments shown, one flat-beaked (B) by Weiss, and one

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Children Under 12 Years of Age. Since clinical experience in chil-

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or in which the involvement of the larynx occurs within twenty-

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On the Influence of Fatigue on the Minute Structure of the

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of temperature. Tait (op. cit.) found that, in 23 cases of more or less severe

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second, third, and fourth sacral segments, with incontinence, and antesthesia

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stipulate for plenty of time, and make no promises. Excuses for failures,

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or the uncovered iliac, for it might well cause secondary

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in older persons should limit the applicant to an endowment terminating

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they may be frequently re])eated. As soon as the large

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rule there is no such difficulty, as it is more of a fibrillary tremor,