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Plate 2. — Native Trypanosomes in the Blood of Birds, Tv. avium.

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many cups were used, we do not know, but, probably, ten would reach

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had attacks for past eight years, and since first invasion had not been

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Dr. Hammond was credited with having established the Hospi-

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months on account of sickness. Par. 1, S. O. 162, A. G. O.,

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Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer,

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contained in addition 0.05% tyrosin, flask 3 0.27c asparagin. flask 4 0.5%

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If there is a return to an excessive use of alcohol, it in-

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cessful, and injurious in proportion as the restrictions involve

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organ or function on another, is exclusively of a mechimical cha-

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parent American firms, and that the essentially Canadian con-

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Homoeopathy, Dr.'A. B. Norton of New York, at Richfield

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ach, and small round lymphocytes without nuclei. These masses of cells are easily ex-

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as a therapeutic measure in the management of liver enlargement,

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but it never approaches anywhere near the posterior end of

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incomplete or atypical cases of the disease (how seldom does a case

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bitterness and dissension. Finally, he hoped that all

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theurethra. Micturition soon became urgent, frequent,

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Herbert Spencer gives the results of the post-mortem examination of

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sist of an alkaline fluid, with a small per centage of salts, dissolved in a large

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and after nine doses of living gonococci the serum gave positive

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he was three-score. The same eustom of four o'clock rising

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for the differential survival rates could not be determined.

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terative portions of calomel or blue mass and ipecac or James'

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is said to be infallible, if immediately applied. The natives of the country

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little Boric Acid may be dissolved in the water with advantage.