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have been taken by the members of any other profession in the
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demonstration on a large scale of the beneficial results following its
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sleep from the first is difficult, imperfect, and scanty, the vicious circle is
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^ttFIp '^^^^' Experiments Illustrating effects of, on Plants and Animals "^ %c,
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failures as reported by this eminent authority may have been due to
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the appendix is cut away underneath this forceps and removed.
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yet been defined. The definition of disease is confessedly difldcult. It is
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the treatment of spinal disease. He had experimented largely with
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Smiley — At Germantown, Pa., on the 13th instant, Sarah, wife
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wa^ elected a Corresponding Member of the Clinical Society of
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gangrene, is occasionally seen in practice. In such, amputation
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instances the excretion persists for years and probably for life. In some
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of red^ and under the microscope shows the enormous excess of
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Peterboro had him discharged on the first count, the prosecu-
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the ether the pains returned, and were again controlled by ether twice. I should
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nomics, also located at 1790 Broadway, New York, has
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whole room filled with a stinking smoke, the stove burning and the
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death-rate of those in which the fits preceded labour was 5 2 '2 per cent;
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but a careful search fails to find the history of such admission. On Decem-
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from the case. No diseased bone could be detected with the
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haemoptysis, which has not been preceded by marked symptoms, or
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sible, then filled the sponge with ice water from the top, until the water began to