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slipped from the child's month through the rima of the
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the patient must keep in doors, and avoid all bodily or
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304 cases; in seven days, in 176 cases; in twelve days, in 64 cases; in
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Chloride, SnCl, new; SnCl,.— Made by dissolving tin in hot
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could be had, a statistical summary of all the surg-
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day, the 6th inst., at the age of forty-eight. He was a member
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as a symptom group. In his work on neurasthenia, published at Leipzig in
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he should be allowed the unfermented in the place of the
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proceed from them to the lateral columns of the spinal cord. With the
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The chief requisite for the abatement of any moral evil is the
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Erysipelas after vaccination —Syphilis after vaccination— Allegations
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displaced in two ways ; for sometimes those which are joined together, separate
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ance, as often to menace, and in very infirm subjects sometimes to
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duced so much improvement, that Dr. Acker was led to specially examine the
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inquires virtuously of her doctor why her ?^ ^^^"^ ^''" '^°- °" ^'''^ cheerful though
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Ibid., 1890, xxii, 101. — Valiulc (E.) De la restauration
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theory of infection by the ovum, the choc en retour of Ricord, which was once
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surface over the vesicocele. Four small silk sutures are
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End. It so hajipens that of these particular cases in
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If the patient be an;emic, tliis condition claims appropriate treatment. Co-
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In the pus from the abscesses cliplococci, streptococci, and staphylo-
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valvular vibrations alone, the fact that the diastolic mitral
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intellect, also the general destitution of fixed principles, and
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vexity for the knife to run in. The great advantage of the catheter-staff was,
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of leeches, frequently repeated, with close attention to the state of
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been injected by some substance; their walls are also thickened, and in case of the smaller
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sonable quantity, with periods of intermission sufficient
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cused if I have only on this occasion dipped a little into the matter;
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surroundings, or the necessity of again taking up unsuit-
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ford ; while there, however, he caught a fresh cold, and had
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ing it in position too long, or to excite nervousness and
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with a small portion of muriat of soda and sulphat of lime ; the whole
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minute it may be, whose construction he is unacquainted with,
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a temperature as high as five hundred degrees F. can be