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spine. What might appear to us to be a very slight lesion
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or mortality. Even the complications of antihypertensive
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with a sterilized swab of absorbent cotton. (4) Tney are
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portal system, or by pressure stop the free anastomosis and cause
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cine must have completed its functions before another is
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some of the more recent cases the thickening, which is
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of the eye, or from extravasation of blood within the globe caused by
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water-logged, and died quietly in a semi conscious con-
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keep her quiet from two to three weeks. It is not necessary to wear an
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life, work, and character of the late Dr. Marion Sims.
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secret which the grave finally covers, unless, perhaps,
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separate occasions the family gathered at the bedside
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helps to prevent nausea and there is almost complete
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Pathological Division: John R. Mohler, chief; Henry J. Washburn, assistant
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we are led to believe that the time between the first invasion and the
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paralyze the action of the bromide and iodide of mercury, while richly sea-
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and must be put to the blush by the bad taste and gross
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Hubert H. Blanchard, M. D. Richard O. Barnes, M. D.
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lachrymal tumour or fistula. 2. The course pursued by the pus, which originates
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of the route. Free return tickets, it seems, were furnished to delegates
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mon, than is generally supposed by most operators. Pro-
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among both his medical brethren and tlie laity on ac-
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relate sad stories of young students whose full potential
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proposes to graft on a fourth year to its course in a
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part in tuberculous afifections. The presence of pulmonary tuber-
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who is not competent to do the same an obstructive nail
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fungous character of its etiology, the actinoniyces and
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may appear, but these are most common in the more malignant types. Other
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phenomena, which mark a case of unequivocal peicarditis ab
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Scottish Board of Health: Consultative Councils. — It
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been obtained with atoxyl. The adult dose is 50 centigrammes by hypo-
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Here, then, was an easy mode of inspiring the residual instead of the at-
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have courses modified to meet those needs. In the great majority of