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erythematosus and the presence of a lupus anticoagulant. Of
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exertion. Later it may spread, especially to the neck, causing a shaking
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after posterior gastrojejunostomy than after the anterior operation.
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generally associated with derangement of the nerves of the stomach.
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tion. It took the Bastile to incite the French Revolution, and it took
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all being of this genus. During the few days that the maggota
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Dr. S. A. Slater of Worthington, medical director of
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killing them with pistols and knives and dirks. Peo-
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The meeting was a large one, upwards of 150 persons were
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1. Cheraskin. E. and Ringsdorf, W. M., Jr. Predictive medicine:
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sonably conclude that sometimes inflammations of the throat,
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planted in a groove or doubling of skin (the matrix), by its root ;
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fifteen minutes, the severity of the symptoms began to decline, when a
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tion of the anterior surface comes against the precar-
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the apartment should be kept cool and well ventilated.
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pain was severe but as a rule not prolonged. Some are of special interest,
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your financial support. We use these funds to supplement the
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a half, and immediately before each insulin dose and just before
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Tumors (Annals of Surgery, March, 1916, page 257), recently
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the pleura was the place of first involvement. Many observers have
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Cripps' s question as to the situation of ligature was answered by the fact that
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monia. Ammonia given by inhalation stimulates the re-
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been dangerously ill of fever, is announced, to the
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