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effort, and with less ability to endure than had been his former
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An unconscious person is absolutely helpless and especially depend-
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1894, xiv, 47. Also, transl. : Med. Week, Par., 1894, ii,
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tracted conjugate would injure the sacro-iliac articula-
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It is not many years since the notion was prevalent, both within and
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comes from a healthy family, and except for measles in the fall of 1893,
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pneumococcic infection in the lungs. However, all the cases studied
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This is the only faculty that enables persons to recognize
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the lid, may produce the desired effect ; while in others, transplanta-
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ment of personal experience in regard to them may not
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remember (what the public cannot and probably never will come
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Headache is almost always present, and is usually the first symptom to
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by the presence of one or more of the other bacteria. Clini-
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inspection of the accompanying wood-cut, Fig. 2. At
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With respect to these epidemic visitations of the exanthemata,
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and aortic orifices in a woman aged forty, which is also inter-
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this physician will be felt by many in New Orleans, where he was well
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former case. The results in this case were also good.
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Jij. Some of this had been spilt on the child's chin, breast, and clothes. Water
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, .^. , • , 1 1 11 ( Certain localized bullous eruptions.
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Virginia; and forty-eight at Hampden Sidney, Richmond, Virg. — The
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uterus under which, irrespective of pregnancy, the menses may become sup-
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thirty-two sheep, and twenty-one became affected. Then followed
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but that in hysteric anesthesias, irritation of the anesthetic parts causes this reflex
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the perverted secretions was preferable to that which invited
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M. Rayer, author of a work on diseases of the skin, is about to pro^
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In Mr. Gunn's case such a tumour had occurred in a girl of
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the left ventricle and auricle, from either dilatation or fatty degeneration,
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dwells much upon this last objection. He further says that the com-
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lochia is dark, bloody, profuse, has a gangrenous odor.
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of exercise on her part, is too rich for the infant ; modified