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The treatment at this time consisted in efforts to arrest the

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ning of diastole and the auricle at the end. To avoid, therefore, confusion

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of manner. The history of the attack must be inquired into, and the

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paralysis whatever was present. Although patient says that

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JZnfT,: ""T 'IT '''^''^'' '""^ *^^ ^^'''^' °f ^- «-- accord cut out a

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recurring periodic attacks of fever. Some time since. Dr. Stokes called

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ever, of very much importance, when we remember that we

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Dr. Parker: I enjoyed the paper very much; the only omission of importance

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said about rubber tissue dressings in the nose that I think I shall try

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intermittent. It is interesting in this connection to note that Sir William

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229 cases of influenza have occurred, or about 55-5 per cent.,

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finally been surveyed and simplified by Dr. Budd, who, in the

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a burn or scald of wide area produces that condition of the system

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poiaona the patient, and the closing up of the incision. He

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a joint of meat from the butcher's, but the joint must cost nothing, and that joint comes up,

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toward its inferior extremity it becomes large and sac-

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correct treatment of SNSTIs lacking bedside findings

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the test of success of treatment, the records of the past

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impregnated with a more or less powerful odour of ammonia or,

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One of them, to6, is a member of the euphorbia family ;

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the wound and was removed by the patient. In October, another

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looked a little redder than that of the opposite hand, but presented

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stand the success, we must go back to learn some of the preliminary

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sionally, the attack is preceded, for a day or two, by a sense of

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Soc. N. Y., Pbila., 1889, 8U-87. Also: Post-Graduate, N.T.,

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Three cases afforded an opportunity for dissection of

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About nine months ago, her physician informs nie, she

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not be difficult to understand the role of an infection in

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formed the basis of a growth or new formation, and Virchow showed

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board. In Montgomery, James McKeon officiated ; and in Elysian, George

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which lies in the abdomen varies considerably in individual cases,