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internal remedies. I do not believe in the phosphates, which I
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mittence of the fever by the supposition that the pyretogenous ferment
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if the wife-to-be is of solid stock (in which case we
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indicates, with especial reference to Saratoga. It is
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there is a specific action for improving the qualities of the urine,
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of his profession. We lod^^cd in a room adjoining my father's study,
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mentioned in previous letters were carried out for the
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and blue pill, for supposed chronic inflammation of the liver or
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absorbable or non-absorbable materials should be used for these sutures
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70, of 35 luxations, 30 were at this articulation. It is presumable that the
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substance. Great care must, however, be taken not to divide
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TABLE 1 —Cause-Specific International Classification of
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I do not trust those who make a report, that I do not accept it when
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slight catarrhs. He is quite clear that he has never had any
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quantity — is taken for analysis, and first mixed with 40
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A. — The value of hemolum hydrargyro-iodatum as an antisyphilitic. (St.
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Still busy collecting things from the floor and decorat-
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of 10 to 20 grains every two to four hours, stopping again with each
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plan of treatment in a considerable number of cases at Bellevue Hospital,
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ing the springs of 1806 — 7, when the disease first
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between the two diseases — cerebro-spinal meningitis and intermittent fever.
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gave no relief, a further operation was performed. The affected bone was exposed, a
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with alluding to but one other native vegetable, viz., the Sarracenia
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manes' and Grand Juries' Bills, and ccr- Avill not have considered in vain,
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of both dry-point vaccine and glycerinated lypmh, purchased in
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propagated in the laboratory during several years. This was gi'own in
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The planned reformulation of the drugs used in NIMH single-blind studies
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from phthisis have occurred, and serves to cut off many of the varied channeb
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812-814.— Iietfniann (H.) Expert testimony. Bull. Am.
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tents at necropsy. Sufficient urine was not available for daily tests, but a
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nevrol. [etc.], S.-Peterb., 1897, ii, 401-406. Also, tmnsl.:
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and no prompt signs of gain he is usually dismissed