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same family, a fact in confirmation of its innateness.

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valueless. 4. The best method aims at exciting contractions

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we have to wash out a cavity under such conditions that we cannot be

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diseases brought about, and especially to such specific febrile

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In both these forms of inflammation, iodide of sodium or potassium is a

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passes into the throat has a bad taste. In one of my cases the patient was

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one week after bis entrance into the hospital I the 16th he removed the diseased foot by

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quinia, given in doses of two grains every hour, for the cure of erysipelas. He

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seem wholly prone to this manner of disorder, and whose

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whereas in the cold-blooded animals the oxidation of tissue

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become more frequent since the improvement of our methods of

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millimetres. In most the endosarc was very finely gran-

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I must add, in this connection, that my yarn stockings, not

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soluble in acetic acid. Crystals of calcium oxalate may be found in

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phagocytes. Intravascular leucocytosis represents only the

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After all, it should be noted that all cases of septic

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At his late residence, 206 Spadina Road, on Friday, April

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may soften (the malactic form) or grow "wildly" (the hyperplastic form),

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single cases remaining after deduction of the 10 unsatisfactory ones,

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erythema appeared on June 13, 1914. She has been indicated as inci-

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the minor symptoms of Brightism showed that the disaese had commenced about a

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cumference of the gut bad been resected. The death-rate

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Pott's Disease, Bone Graft Peg for Fracture Neck of Femur,

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composed of an excess of those elements which are present in the normal,

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the secondary qualities are the produce of Shedma, Duquella, and

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from Stettin to Leipsic, were attacked at the latter

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between the sclerosed and healthy regions. The deeper parts of the skin

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operation on the face of a girl, aged twelve, who had her

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and comfort of the delegates was assiduously looked after hy the

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