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rare and imusual diseases will be pictured and described.
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3. Johnson, A. M., and Szurek, S. A. : Etiology of anti-
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proved fatal on the second day of the disease. Death usually occurs
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surgeons and at various hospitals, of the value of the application of
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injure the finances of town hospitals, but indirectly
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Oronasal Respirator. — Equal parts of creosote and spirit of chloro-
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where no male doctor would ever be admitted. Lately
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facial pnrosis diHappoari'd. Thoro waH partial though not ooni-
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time of the accident, but was found face down upon the
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created to make a handsome, well formed man, or a beautiful, lovely
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The pleasant semi-saline taste and the refreshing effervescence of the preparation ren-
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as much of the albumin as possible. FersonaUy, I look
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a farm-house is situated, where it was ascertained a per-
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sufficiency, aortic stenosis and insufficiencj', and a probable tricuspid
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often presenting only a slightly brownish colour, is sufficient ; if the solution
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sarily prolonged, and yet it is not unlikely that the time
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operative relief. Catheterism was barely practicable
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at right angles than I had been accustomed to observe elsewhere. Whether
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observation, they were closed as soon as possible. To correct the irri-
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sores are much more likely to follow hemorrhage than thrombosis.
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sudden, absolute withdrawal of the drug is life, in their desire to
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will enlarge the area of dullness ; improvement in the local condition
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Dr. F. N. Loomis ; New London County, Dr. John G. Stanton ;
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immediately follows delivery, with a view principally to the
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performed with the hope that we might be able to over-
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dications. The symptoms frequently point to some se-
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mid-day meal abundant food remnants were found. The patient
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on Foor Law Medical Relief, by Dr. J. C. M'Vail. Appendix, roL sir., pp.
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given altered the condition so far, that the patient was satis-
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certain amount of nitrogenous refuse must be eliminated ; and
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physical and mental abnormalities are more common in this type of
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Spiller also believecj that this disease is due to an arrested develop-
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mation of an International and Universal Pharmacopoeia.
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treated in 15 different hospitals does not exceed 23.8^,