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some cases of placenta prgevia ; at all events it ought to have a
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every thing he swallows, and besides this, a large quantity of
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/Etiology. — The simple chancre is rare when strict cleanliness is observed.
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I't-w ut the present time accept the conclusion of Virchow. Iodine, with-
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Generally there was hyperemia, says The Lancet, soxat-
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The cyclone is characterised by high winds, rapid change, and more or less cloud
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when the operation was planned to relieve the motor insuf-
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tuberculous laryngitis, affecting chiefly the epiglottis.
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some other germ (in the great majority of the cases, the streptococcus)
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results, and to decamp with his fee before he could be
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effects of photocoagulation on the management of less
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bottom of i funnel-shaped depression. Been from the auricle.
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remarkable for 2-3mm ST depression in leads V3 through
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best investigators. His monograph on "Fecundity, Fertility, and
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efforts will surely eventuate in much more certain and positive
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plicatures of peritoneum. As the viscera increase in
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the lines of Adamkiewicz's view. The anatomical changes were quite
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and spring, reserving, however, its greatest violence for
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any the less objectionable additions to an infant's
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that contraction of the internal intercostal caused a
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infection. That contact infection does not always play much part is
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of organs, and the return to normal without loss of
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of his Eclectic principles ? Or had he none, and were his profes-
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fits. Atropine is asserted by Lange to have cured six out of ten cases;
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ditions which could not be diagnosticated by palpation alone,
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on the nature of the perforation through which the pus finds
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cervical with substernal projection (13.5 per cent), or, in a small pro-
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is to be made to increase the already excessive tax upon alcohol. Legisla-
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very probably nothing else than pulmonary hypostases.
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possible to go into full detail on this interesting part of my subject.
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essential to the proper action of the glands. We found, as to
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The phenol was estimated, after distillation, by means of iodine and deci-
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^ the character of bodies which are extrinsic to the living organ, and