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57. Canstatt's Jahrcsborieht libor die Fortschritto dor gosammton Medi-
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Observations oa the Treatment of Syphilis without Mercury . . . .170
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which part of the ultra-violet spectrum had this peculiar
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state the result of the Wassermann test at the end of a routine
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principal hill, but, being built on one of its own, is consider-
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The more vigorous the treatment the greater tendency to
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immobilized on a splint, and slight pressure was applied by means of wad-
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already furnished by Mi". Lawson Tait upon which he has
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In order to test the inhibiting action of sera obtained from a
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feat of constructing, unassisted, an electrifying machine. He
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red. Small glomerular and intratubular haemorrhages are sometimes
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a greater or less degree of contraction. Further, there is usually dose
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of the 72d N. Y. Vols., was shot through the left forearm at Fredericksburg,
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A serrant girl, mi. 18, was affected with tearing and prick-
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Pulmonary Cancers and Their Cells: A Study of Sputum _ John B. McDonald and Lewis B. Wool-
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that can be duplicated for less than half the for) and let the patient go. Suppose the
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ciency of blankets is necessary, any excess of clothing, which
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comparisons between his miracles and those of the Saviour ;
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to attcm|it to treat if specilically. While ho would admit that
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not in the city, and when on my return I saw the pa-
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macbung, betreffend dieKennzeichnungdesuntersuchten auslfindischen
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placed in the same position on a splint previously moulded.
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character on insanity. It is to be borne in mind that, if these
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methods, I have made a study of renal function in gouty patients with
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1884, i, 10.— Fcriguson (W.) On the poisonous fishes of
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The first sign of reaction is coincident with the appearance of bile in
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EBV-induced mononucleosis and platelet counts varying
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distinguished surgeons of this country, published some
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the juice as it exudes. Ordinarily in masses, softish at first, but