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Trusting that you will continue your efforts to relieve your
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tumor is easy, but that there are exceptional cases in
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dently approximated, and the first sound was the longer and
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softening of the associated mesenteric glands, and by sw^ollen spleen.
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oxygen into the alimentary canal, and possibly acts by
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disease. Considered as a whole, we cannot see that any new
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tive dose of essential oil of turpentine, and on the second day
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quite sufficient to produce this rupture, particularly in those athero-
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process seems to have been arrested. On the other hand,
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The patient presented here is one of the oldest reported
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alcohol be regarded as a poison, it must be remembered that
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excreted may be high. The diminution of urea, however, is due to several
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efficient. I have used the guaiacol carbonate in five grain doses
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That muscles do not derive their state of tone or power of contractility fVom the cerebro-
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symptoms, such as pain, ectasy, coifee-ground vomit, deficient motor power
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Vollmer prefers the formalin method for the following
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passes forwards alongside the gut through the thorax into
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Dr. E. Williams, of Cincinnati, read an elaborate paper upon
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Kerr, John D., Clinton, Univ. of Md., 1908 1908 1910
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tions, whether from the contact of the bed-clothing
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fested in the form of tubercles, of deep brownish-red projections, or of indura-
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Commentary. — I am not acquainted with any recorded case which,
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then, with the concurrence of Dr. Barker, Dr. Smith
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other hand, it can hardly be doubted, as Dr Bell suggests, that a similar
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sus shows that it contained only 144,776. Therefore 8466
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«>f the throat, I (K'sire to stronijly recommend to the pro-