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or that an agglomeration of varices which has formed a considera-

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of reliable information to be obtained from this source. It is certai

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kind but lives on milk, beef-tea, and other fluids. Complains of

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laboratories which should give gratuitous service. There

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the necessity of each i)arty sailing under its own colors

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held that the starting-point of the whole process is in the subcutane-

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ciency. Mustard Whey is resorted to as a domestic remedy, and is often

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ophthalmia neonatorum, although I should be unwill-

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Dr. Edward Evans, of La Crosse: Hydronephrosis ordinarily means

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weak ; still conscious. To nourish the patient as much as possible by the mouth, and

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special umbilical vessels. There seems to be little doubt that whatever

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This method, if generally adopted, possesses some advantages for posterity,

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Triboulet before and Wasserman and Malkoff during the time

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institution owned and supported by the general government,

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one, is worn during the second or third week of his life,

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Diurnal periodicity; 317 by 7«; type locality, West Africa; {F. diuma)

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the escape of collections of blood and disorganized^ tissue.

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alcoholic delirium. If the delirious stage comes on early and quickly,

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rhigoline was then used directly upon the part. The visible vessels were instantly

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tion, may increase the lateral diameter between ischia

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relief is obtained in some cases from an opening in the

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omechanotherapy, hydrotherapy, supervised occupational and recreational activities.

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from malignant cystous papilloma ; in another case the struma was of carcinoma-

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very fine probe. The patient was unconscious of any discharge

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cer in this situation is tolerated in some instances for a very long })eriod,

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■'■* (1) An Rpts, SGO, FY 1942 and 1943, and An

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a specific character which demand and should receive the

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then certain definite steps as pointed out by Ashhurst and John and amplified by

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Nausea and vomiting could generally be relieved by the

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quinine. My own opinion is that quinine at the rate of thirty

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sympathetic (adrenergic) activity. It is to be noted that in male sexual

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fact of the immediate injury to vision following the section of this

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I. I will first consider briefly some of the diseases in

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his sight, lie is in excellent health, anil had always been

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298-311 1 pi.— Moya (P.) A jiroji^Hito de afecciones