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These labia also form an important part of the sexual
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called Dutch Flat, situated in a hollow surrounded by hills, about
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tive of hyperthyroidism but have no increased metabolic rate. "In
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(2,) Comparatively or temporarily sterilized milk may be adminis-
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with a good previous history. After complaining for a
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hold. He learns the resources of the home and greatly assists the
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is burning hot. In all these cases they found either insolation or
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l)y a certain irregularity, some of them being symmetrical and some not.
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anal canal and the rectum is the reverse of what holds in adults,
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team which undertakes the investigation is naturally reluctant to
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is then justified only by the probability that sclerotic changes in the
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22. On the Fcner Anatomical Changes in. Typhoid Fever. — Dr. Kleix, of
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forward ancient authorities when dealing with a matter of
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that) frequently, the first symptom of a basilar trouble or
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begins, the tanners of the city, and in fact of the entire country,
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to these theoretical considerations, are the positive
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from the diseased part above. Goltz, in fact, states that in some of his
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bladder, the duct itself, and of neighboring structures, and particu-
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was huffy and firm. Next day, secretion of urine was much increased,
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maintain an elevated position in the various branches of medicine and
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subordinate classes of the diseases of structure. The diseases
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eyes were glittering, and his demeanor was reckless. He
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been thought that the sudden death m the status lym-
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All communications intended for the editor should be addressed to him
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of insanity. Without entirely accepting this statement, for the prognosis
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injections were repeated at intervals of two or three minutes, the
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Ookinete. — There are the same three kinds of ookinetes as in Hcemoproieus —
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confinement, and during the confinement he noticed this tumor.
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customed to think that, when an offender makes a sufficient
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