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febrin, thallin, and ethyl alcohol. Quinine acts by a direct depression of

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Do wealthy contractors lay their bricks gratis ? Do

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the prognosis of a given case- In mild cases of heat-prostration the

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that although I have tried to touch each part successively, I have always

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It requires no ordinary amount of talent for observa-

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in the diagnosis of esophageal stenosis. He auscultated the esophagus of patients

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than adults, and an inquiry into some of the causes of this

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since we find that the parts of the frame exposed to the action of light

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Antiseptics in Ophthalmology, especially Mercuric Sub-

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puts aside spasm or pain or some disturbing influence.

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+ Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine

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cure of the milder form, and the bettering of the more severe form.

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facts which show that the mere ionization and consequent hydra-

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who had had a rctrollexcd uterus stitched to tiie front abdominal

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of sodium biurate is not accelerated by a diminution of the alkalinity

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life than subsequently, it is greater under 10 years of age than lK*tween

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what are the normal amounts of bases and acids in the body. Probably

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The other anatomical appearances also usually resemble those

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publication. References to books should include authors, title, location and name of publisher, year of publication, edition

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pleurisy, which are so common in phthisis, undoubtedly appears

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have apparently proved their efficacy in a great many

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it from its bed. Its location was at the proper site of the membranous

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regarded as a model to all future medical gatherings.

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was seldom brought to a close in less than six weeks. It took

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prior military service. The Department of the Army in

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reflecting the integuments, the anterior wall of the abscess was removed, and so the

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istic pain is not peculiar to the disease. The pain in some cases of inter-

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solar system. It consisted in illustrating the descent of the horse from

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of the "in-and-out" variety and a lesion of this duration transcends

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this abundant, clear, albuminous, light urine which is considered most dis-

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not only help in restoring the brain functions, but helps greatly in reducing fever.

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centimetres in one month and to eight hundred a month

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and Physiology of the Tongue," by Mr. Spencer. It may, however, be

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but little substance ; in others the quantity was large and ex-