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a house on the borders of Lake Erie. She was being inoculated at the time
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125 pounds, they were unable to do so. Upon operation, however
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at Dontrilegue, County Cork, 3 Feet deep, each covered with a
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said that an impression had got abroad that patients
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necting the central convolutions m the brain with the
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consultation request by mail to the consultant, so that he
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swelling attained the size of a fist ; an abscess formed
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* In the effort to reach simplicity, only a few of the more nec-
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certain physicial signs under the same names. Whether
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and a wet-pack should be given to increase the action
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pharynx, pharynx, and larynx ; it may also be applied to the latter with
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ment of gastric ulcer with especial reference to the
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between the epithelial cells of the tubules. Granules of brownish material
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as increasing the predisposition to lead-colic, such as debauchery,
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been divided, it was evident the globe was retained in the
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the endocardium (and this is partially true as to the
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Ulcer, which was given to it at an epoch contemporaneous with Ho-
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who, after a short time, were put upon bark and iron, and recovered
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Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled to first try taxis,
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result in the patient's death, little need be said here, as the subject has been
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Am. J. Obst., N. Y., 1898, xxxvii, 622.- IVovaro (G. F.)
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out of 740 cases treated by him, which had been certified
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of the radius pressing against the external condyle of the humerus. The internal
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Casper's ' Vierteljahrsch.,' April 18G4-, p. 278.) In Burg more than fifty
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In instituting any comparison, howsoever perfect, candour to
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And in reference to the transmission of fees for diplomas
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and are complicated by the appearance of additional grey nuclei. The
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warm applications to the feet. When uraemic symptoms predominate, the
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We have become acquainted with the character of a new
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1893, 8. s., ii, 290-292. . Cancer meiauique du pied;
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ment of alcoholic stimulants which, although not pertaining to the con-
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Pure water is clear and sparkling, in proportion to the amount of