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in Philadelphia; came to Kentucky when very young; graduated

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Had Bacon lived at an earlier period, his philosophy would not

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intervals of a quarter of an hour. At 7 a.m. they ceased entirely, when the breath-

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which occupy two hundred and seventeen pages, and serve as intro-

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a little pus — to apply cold water to the perineum, and take a

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solotioo of chromic acid, one wul often perceive at the same time a natural injec-

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winter, and spring than in the summer. Very often, however,

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less bloody and slimy; the tenesmus also diminishes with great rapidity, and the

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had been accomplished and the milk had formed, in the shape

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by coagulation of the escaping blood ; this may become encysted

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lines, commencing at the segment of a circle, and progressing through

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Medical expert are as great as they can be, o^ving to the

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the type of cases we have seen to-day it is obvious that the intranasal opera-

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in construction and administration in providing and caring for the

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the upper fragments area certain volume, and something tangible, to aid us

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cardiac or renal disease, I let alone in his position. If, however,

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its place is left an unhealthy-looking ulcer, which cleans off slowly

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In presenting to the profession the second edition of his work, the author gratefully acknow-

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A Hand=Book of Medical Microscopy for Students and General Practitioners, includ-

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tion which he had on arriving here for duty, May 1.

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size is attained in a very short time. Again, although very rarely, the

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and the whole will close up and heal, and require no further

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puscles, and not only causes coagulation of the blood, but may also

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riasis gyrata)and finally disappearing altogether. All these stages, or

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A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Published on tlie first and fifteenth of each month*

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Medical Improvement (priviite) ; Cumberland County, Me.,

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instead of completely disappearing under pressure as it does in the

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temperature went to 103° at 8 P. M. On the following

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was marked rigidity of the neck. Two of them had unlocalized

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4. The anterior chamber, being the space between the iris and

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4. Fern root 2 oz., valerian 1 oz., Dipped' s animal oil (empy-