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iv. Epithelioma, or cancroid, is a very characteristic form of growth,

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and there it permits the various movements of which the jawbone is capable.

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cumtlex iliac artery; 12, the deep epigastric artery; ij, the spermatic

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advice for them in March, 1886, and he was treated by

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or when the patients began to wear the instruments,

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about civilians, there is no mistake that the diet of the British

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the Publisher, 618 New England Building. All editorial communications, books,

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But he immediately confuses this testimony by quoting M. Wieger as

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sorption. The main diseases to be considered in differen-

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tic duct, or if the duct becomes permanently obstructed

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Mix. To be shaken when used. Dose, one-half to one fluid

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the sulphate of cinchonidin is well tolerated by the

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on his back, while in spinal hyperoemia he is to lie

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ders — fevers purely inflammatory, produced by the ordinary causes

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Tumor. — When the growth is of the voluminous type a perceptible

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It is very proper that attention has been called to what

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In fact, fogging reduces myopia. This refers to that part of

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"^ Pfliiger und Zuntz : Ueber den Einfluss der Sauren auf die Gase

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accounted for only 5603 deaths, the remaining ones having been from other diseases

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either chloroform or tetrachloride of carbon, but which differs

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