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of any age, though most frequently it is seen in adult females with an hysteric
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claimed for these sterilizers are, (1) the rapidity with which they
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all local treatment likely to impede it or add to the
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Dr. and Mrs. T. .\. Emmet, Drs. T. G. Thomas, Isaac
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tenant and Assistant Surgeon, relieved from duty at Fort D.
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can be found to explain the morbid excitement of the nerves traversing
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the essential part of the organs of respiration ; that, during
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dence that the doctor or the priest owed their exemption from disease.
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which, later on, was very useful when an artificial
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back upon his pillow, white and immobile, his eyes half
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arc heard to a greater distance in proportion to their mere
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Eruption: Not so prominent as in measles. ■ Not so high.
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the evidence upon which the contrary and more prevalent opinions is
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living conditions, but the task of accom- established on a firm and lasting basis. Its
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This condition, which is, as yet, free from all local symptoms, may
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scope. There will be seen the diffraction spectra just above
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own fortune, and the building which he builded was founded upon a rock.
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large quantity of pus, which soiled all her clothing and deluged her bed.
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An interesting case of hydrophobic tetanus is reported by Dr. Kirchhoff
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