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gelatine was so attenuated, it entirely prevented the
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brane had entirely disappeared. In one week from time treatment was
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report to my colleagues of the medical board of the Infant
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Chart 5. — Showing date of development of colds (other respiratory infections), high
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method, to write papers concerning it, to discuss it ; but they
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quir}', and at the conclusion of the latter the necessary
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Du. II. C.AtvcKr, No. 152 South Fourth Street, ! "'^ ^'^^ :^«"thful inquirer to have a proper re- the cha.^ nf "'''T"''^°7''"^""-'"' clinM,nishes
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Dnvulsions. Upon this, Wildberg imputed death to the arsenic, and the man
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tional Health, Connecticut Department of Public Health; H. Hansen,
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results of the Kunsel treatment are wonderful. Kunsel
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diminished supply of water to the system, or from dimin-
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place. The primary sore is found there in the largest number of cases of
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aminase, also known as SCOT, is now commonly employed
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Acute myelitis.''' — It has long been known that in many cases of para-
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disorganization, and death. When used, however, in judi-
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known. Inflammatory lesions of the testicles and cord
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information. Our author is not indeed deeply versed in the
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1898, 1, 173-184. — Shattiick (G. B.) The serum test
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outpoureth; mingle the wet with honey and salt, and
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Case X. Reporter, Theodore A. McGraw.* — " I have recently had a
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widerung an I'rof Hitzig. Arch. f. Psychiat., Berl., 1897,
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upon the system until its influence had reached the upper portion of the
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Here the humerus begins, which is protuberant at each extremity, without mar-
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alcohol. Next dissolve 25 grams of anmionia alum in 500 cc. of distilled water.
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old enough, the subjective symptoms. By all means de-
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disease. We have all these facts in very few cases ;
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ment, were present. Arthritis of the right elbow, attributed to
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cavities. The protracted suppuration finally invites tubercular deposit.
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the lines of Adamkiewicz's view. The anatomical changes were quite
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tion of the leg and ankle following an X-ray bum which was excessively
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central school is located only one mile from the western boundary line