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Professional Union of Trained Nurses already formed in London

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he reduces to irritation, compression, contusion, concussion, and inflam-

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Vann — their charge is to market the Oklahoma State Medical Association’s endorsed

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examination. The child, a female, and 2 years of age when it

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is, in my judgment, not sufficiently emphasized by syphilographers.

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flat, circumscribed appearance, and oblong figure. These tu-

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roform vapour is comparatively innocuous, and was regarded

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The left side measured 17% inches and the right 17. The

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he had a knowledge of the events happening in the stomach.

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ful method of treating the manifestations of rheumatic fever. — Wien.

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except in those cases where Professors in the University are

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rolling the head from side to side, striking the chest with the chin, and

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Pressure on this causes oozing of pus at the pelvic brim, where the pus

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deepens in tone from the moment it begins to take effect, to a

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with its vaginal attachment. For this purpose a ligature was passed on each side

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your rules, regulations, and curriculums in reference to

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best aviators, even if their age is relatively advanced. Young pilots have rapid

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congratulated on the completion and publication of the new

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ulated into other animals, and was contemporaneous with the outbreak of

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condition of the liver — a simple mechanical ', " By this act it is rendered illegal —

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turn, and, if possible, traced to its pathological cause, it being the

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extremities of the pneumogastrics themselves in the rabbit does not cause glyco-

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the hands had been subjected to the sublimate lotion, and

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I do not trust those who make a report, that I do not accept it when

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outbreaks which have occurred in Bengal since the beginning of

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have already pointed out that Edinburgh's teaching wealth is so

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Professor, '' I don't quite understand what you mean by the

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endocarditis, and confirms the conclusion that acute

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pneumococcic infection in the lungs. However, all the cases studied

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"Prior to the discovery of cocaine and its wonderful anaesthetic

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ingly was higiier, and it was to make perfect limbs

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