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inger and Student of Medicine Zinsmeister, to which
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of nuts and fruits, it was observed in 2 subjects that 8 grams of nitro-
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OS uteri is blocked up by its gelatinous plug, the discharge pro-
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tion, and the vagina held open by Simon's specula. The narrowness of the vagina necessi-
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bone ; the crepitation, the pain along the biceps, the difficulty in abduc-
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lesson is m the nursing care of all ty|)hoid patients, to
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further difficulty. The secundines followed in due course,
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species of parasites may be found, and even several varieties simul-
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ing the 4th week, however, both the ear and sheath lesions of one
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embolism, fatty or atheromatous degeneration of the
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means of individual prophylaxis to be used by those who must be exposed
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when he stands loose, should be regularly scraped and well
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the names lardaceous or waxy, which relate to the peculiar appearance of
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anatomical — classification is still followed in regard
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of the tumour substance proper (Jamieson). It is unfortunate that the
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hosp ship). Blueprints and photographs of each hospi-
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Dental Surgery was established in the British Medical Association 2
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4. South Dakota Business Research Bureau, unpublished
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amined, and it was deemed advisable to remove only the
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scantiness of urine, etc. May be we shall even be told
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fectious diseases of child life and of adult life. Pa-
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profiles to identify patterns of care that could be
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tion. This latter explanation appears most probable in case there
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of the stilette remains still unintroduced — the instrument should be withdrawn
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teen years of age, who had never been very strong, and who
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and outer surfiice of the penis. Sometimes they qxead over the innor
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Etiology. In the preparation of this article 180 cases were extracted, and
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ness and decision I have since done, for my experience only gradually
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were not so great a drain- upon the city in 1900 as they were
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"Willi t!ie ijiilviiuo cauteiy. J. Aiu. M. As.s., Cliicago,
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tion of urea and ammonia which are found to occur in these various