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Heo-colostomy in which Davis's Catgut Mats were used
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leggy, and of the extremes, short legs are surely preferable.
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—-are rare, though syphilis is rampant. The cerebral tumours
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(No. 2. Tetanus.) A man, who was strong and healthy on Sunday
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more; and the discussion will be largely by gentle-
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The pulse falls to nearly or quite the normal frequency ; the heat of the skin
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" frequomment observees dans Ics Climats Chaiids.'''
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the foramen magnum and thence to the condylar foramina. Dip-
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ure in cases of extensive suppuration with adhesion, and
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men of the Utilization and Peer Review and Fee Review
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surgery gives a higher percentage of cures than any other line of treatment in
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able ; the truthful, honest, and pure-minded Christian gives himself up
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the interrupted metallic suture ; clotiis, wet with spirit
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(P.) [Carie del frontale a destra ; compressione cerebrale.J
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from the abdomen to the throat {globus hystericus^. The convulsive move-
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case of three children, who were poisoned bv eating the green-
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r n^n ...nllpH freelv com- a sensation of warmth or burning the dress-
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class of astringents, the most important and generally tried
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The claims of the first three to be ranked as distinct types
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tested ; she made errors in reading unusual or long words, but
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The latter subject was discussed by Drs. B. Dewey and
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the same proportion, belong to the same species, although the
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patient who died rather suddenly in the MedicalfoUege Hos-
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him for the efforts of this past year in which the proposed
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compression, a converse mistake might be made, and we should pronounce a
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bers's on u Digestion and its Derangements ;" and Dr. Brinton's
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diaphragm, consisting of the levator muscles, leads away from,
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next to the abstraction of heat the administration of
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Foreign body in the lens for sixteen years, the lens re-
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