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under the delusion that small catheters are safest and give

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for the most part, the "stroke," as it is called, is more common-

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the Japanese fluke are splenic and hepatic enlargement, amemia,

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appears to have been esteemed in diseases of the eye and skin,

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Institute, New York, to be treated for hydrophobia. It appears

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ported 2 cures, 3 discontinued and one under treatment at

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the same as in the essential fevers and other diseases tending to destroy

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ligaments which surround the articulations of the knee. The

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inferred that the infection was passed by personal con-

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where flexion is free it is met by fairly free extension.

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may find and feel that there is one to be heard of who " stick-

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the anterior superior spinous process of the ilium from

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Leiby, G. M., Bryson City; Vanderbilt Univ., 1931; U.N.C 1933 1934

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those proud dwellers at the Hub, who wish to regard all the un-

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XVI, 7]). With the striking exceptions of Erasistratus and Galen,

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ideas we got hold of on the outside, and these ideas were dis-

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i^ew Hanover Couuty we woke up to what this backwoodsman was doing

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quelques Kccherches Exp^rimentales snr la Raye," in ' L'ExpM^rience * of October

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of the coats of these vessels, and ( 2 ) the pathogenesis of aneurysms,

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lymph receive especial attention, as do likewise the various

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evidence given in our courts is often exceedingly unsatisfactory

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The operation by the knife being quite objected to, twenty to

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Dr. J. M. Toner, of Washington, D. C, was elected an Hon-

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has been a steady increase of the disease. He is at present a typical

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7. The spleen is absent from all invertebrate animals, without exception.

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bases a number of clinical and pathological conclusions. Thus, if the

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per kilogram of weight at corresponding stages in the different patients.

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the pleura was the place of first involvement. Many observers have

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partial atrophies are followed by deformity of the limbs. The overaction

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$25 or $50 a session), it may only need temporary relief. 9

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Mercury is thought, by many physicians, to diminish the inflammation