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over 200 lb., whereas most of the patients in foreign
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ment, postoperative, was not satisfactory. Application was made di-
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For these reasons, whenever possible, it should be the proce-
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degree, in a single instance. ]Nor is this at all strange.
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The impure sulphate of quinine, known by the name of
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Myomectomy has long been recognised as a proper proced-
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duces the particular disease with regularity in the chosen animal. Such a
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movement, by the alternate descent and rise of the diaphragm.
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It is not many years since the notion was prevalent, both within and
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half an hour ; the attacks may occur at intervals, or they
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she was taken to the accident-room, placed under the
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as China, there is no way of getting reports of the existence or extent
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test-tabe. He hoped shortly to have the opportunity of offering to the Society
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and the same cause. They are two phases only of one
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the posterior portion of both lungs, owing partially to cadaveric gravi-
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ment. The possibilities of repeated injections of anti-
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possible to transfuse a patient with a group other than his own, we
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sue constitutes the so-called induration hitherto con-
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The bacteriology of posterior-basic meningitis, of the type described
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2,589,000 attacked, 1,032,000 died (40 per cent.). In
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diem, and afterwards tliis was entirely omitted, yet the pulse
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Ifs periodicity thus established, I was induced to resort to quinine and
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W. again saw her, and administered a turpentine enema,
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been reported with a similar history to that of Dr. Pea-
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pacity of a fitting school, w^e immediately become aware of
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cases, that when the respiration is shallow, intermittent and irregular,
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found nothing equalling general faradization, twenty
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the disturbances primarily attending injury to the central
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types of cases highlight the difficulty in achieving con-
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are somewhat radical, but I believe they are right.
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cystites douloureuses. Par le Docteur J. M. Lavaux, ancien
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twenty on adults, whose ages varied from twenty to forty-five ; and seventeen
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are also brought forward as evidence to prove that there are