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notably at the sides and abdominal walls. If touched,
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cult to convey a clear idea of the characteristic appearance by language.
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book, 2 unfortunately, only a few different shades are represented.
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the anaesthesia was complete, the pain of the iridectomy being hardly
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lator, the drug should not occupy more than two-thirds of its height.
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inemia, a nounshing diet, an abode in the open air, wine, and iron, are
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febrile diseases, and it is preferable to antipyrine on account
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placed on a protocol, eg, the extra quarter inch on a
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seborrheic eczema, but varied, (a) Papules or small circles, with red and
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on their subsequent history. This patient was first seen by
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scrutineers before any return could be made, extra scrutineers
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this Act shall be not less than one hundred dollars
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at the West End Athletic Club and formed the society whose name appears
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till 38 years had passed would their number be cut down to 50.
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only. The fluorescent light or emitted light with the quinin
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M. J., Lond., 1894 ii, 582.— Snellen (H.) ' Eiue Erseliei-
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that, from a similiar exhibition of this medicine, ali %
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they grow freely. On the other hand, they do not increase on