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crease the arterial tension to the highest point, whence the

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ilts. (Velpeau, Leconssurles Kystes, Chirurg. Vol. IV.

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fainter in the heart and arteries, until it is finally altogether

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which it would be an act of charity to their unformed tastes to throw into

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suffering from psoriasis of the whole body, and was certainly not experimented

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Compt. rend. Ac;id. d. sc.. Par., 1847, xxv, 340-343 Pari.

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thoroughly overcome that collapse and rapid death are the result;

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is a principle of very wide application. Granted an atmos-

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the Detective Police. Such are some of the penalties of

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corded in detail, the lesions of the brain consisted largely of a

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being encouraged by the use of antiseptic poultices,

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a slight hasmorrhagic imbibition of the cellular tissue

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at the cow. Previously it had been regarded as beyond the power

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to permanent good health ; namely, to eat very little for a few days ; eat nothing

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term the pre-tuberculin years, in short give us a most valuable control

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The following three cases, all acute abdominal emergencies, came

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A carpenter, forty-nine years old, contracted gonor-

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ment-maker, and their own unwillingness or inability to meet

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cine, etc. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. Detroit :

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for yo\mg physicians and other professionals to prepare for careers in medical

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l the camps at Keadville, Dedliam, and at L;ikeville.

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passed to that shadow land, which sooner or later awaits each

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To illustrate the ditliculty of diagnosis I may men-