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The bath-tub (1) should be of the recessed pattern, either of

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fully passed said examination, and who shall, in their judg-

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Hemiplegia, as I have said, is nearly allied to apoplexy, which it

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the iodin to iodic acid, which does not give this violet color. The acid should, there-

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blood evacuated, and then cauterized internally by the solid caustic.

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5 . Peura DA and Heine KJ : Prophylaxis of stress-related gastroin-

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success in infant feeding. The experience of dairvmen tells us thai

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'a place we find that the occupant has failed to tightly screen the fireplaces, not

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and there is a mass of new bone attached to the inner

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was affected with continued fever, and there was not a part of tbe body,

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obtaining the antitoxin serum from the immunized ani-

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sion into an animal, fatal results follow, just as if the toxin alone

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It being a matter of not much importance what the substance

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Under the head of Pseudodiphtheria Bacilli will be discussed that

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ness had disappeared and the liver was reduced to its normal

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at times it was higher, yet this rarely persisted, and many patients go for

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and thighs ; he subsequently grew worse, the weakness

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Treatment. — The treatment of dysentery has under-

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developing themselves. It is no diagnosis to say that a man

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tion of the eye, the diminution of its humours, and,

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the writer's series, so far as the habits could be learned,

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1^ grains to 1,000 of urine, the urine remains clear, free from

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sponding to the bony projection of the skull referred to above,

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before ascent and continued for 24 to 48 hours at altitude.

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the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of consumption, the use of the

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which you lived during the World War was not sufficiently vigorous to

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tain that the child must perish. If the os uteri be fully dilated at

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and pharynx by preserving the residue of the larynx and completing its lumen

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disease. Leeches, however, were sometimes useful, and counter-

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dulity of the profession is large enough to swallow

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joint, which is kept tight or looser by a binding-screw.

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NOTE: In meeting highlights, the abbreviation MSC indicates that an item was moved, seconded and carried.

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hand, is most Ukely to be benefited by alteratives and

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comes on soon after the food is swallowed. Sometimes there is no