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and stain less deeply ; consequently the stomacli-contents stain gi'ey, in
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tion of ovariotomy in children into two parts ; first, interference against
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simpler system, which breaks off, leaving once more an unsatisfied affinity
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1796 Prize Essay on the same subject, by Dr. Gideon Shepherd.
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figures (see p. 229 et seq.), and believe that the results of their percussion coincide
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of the small intestines were numerous. One had perforated, and caused
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DO harm can arise from an undue assimilation of food ; on the contrary,
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whole structure, it deserves, and shall secure, from this time forth, our con-
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the other remedies which we employed, had oidy the efi'ect of converting
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In some cases the passages would consist entirely of
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several cases, anatomically demonstrated, on eyes, however, which
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than in any previous half year. It consisted of almost every description of
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I had no personal knowledge of the epidemic of 1810-13,as referred toby
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ust 8 she was kept in and fed alfalfa and hay, and attempts were
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disease is the lack of the nitrogenous foodstuffs — particu-
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from all the European Governments, as at former con-
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secutive il une folliculite blenuorrhagiquo pr6ur6thrale.
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and Clerks of the Crown, or Town Clerks, 90 ; Clerks
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lateral ventricle, and did not involve the great ganglia. The brain below it was
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being able efficiently to supply the place of that which nature intended
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who had ever occupied the chair, to avail himself of his
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lished and the lake water is more or less uniform in tem-
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into the abdominal cavity. The pus became enclosed in
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mates is put in harmonious motion. It is melancholy to
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ing soldiers and refugees were pouring, most of them
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Entertaining these views, backed as they were by au-
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uppermost part of the oesophagus ; on the interior of the