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nies, both in-state and “offshore,” and possible association with other already formed

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dyspnoea upon exercise, and oedema may show itself about the feet at

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perhaps to five or ten ounces in the twenty-four hours.

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matters would be made available at an earlier time than under the present

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disturbance of the muscular power of the heart. Men

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arteriosclerotic; passive congestion. (3) Lymphatic

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toxicity. Rat experiments have shown that guanfacine crosses the

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could so easily have been saved by an earlier operation,

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' i established methods have been admitted and prac-

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diverticulum of the ducts, and thereby affords the best

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sive adhesion to anterior abdominal wall and to under-surface

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highest class is offered than can be obtained elsewhere, even at a much higher price.

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of a slight squint, this would afford strong evidence of the blindness

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tablished. In the cases referred to, the instruments were some-

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present in the right eye. MoA'ements of the eyes Avere normal,

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approve of the purposes of the law, and hope for an exact

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original paragraph was too vague and might have given

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will necessarily meet with many vicissitudes to impede your progress, and

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point out any essential difference between some of those localities.

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2. Oirl. full-term. live<l 40 minutes. (Probably

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Correspondents, who wish notice to be taken of their communica-

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Physicians are urged to notify parents of diabetic children and to enter the names

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ordinary post-mortem plane or else through the most dis-

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somes thus contrast strongly with the sinuous, serpentine and

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the mucous membrane is so filled with large vessels a