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is still more likely; nor were there any statements in th(^se cases

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Recamier and Sims for the abrasion of granulations devel-

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tive factors. When the tissues are formed each seems capable of giv-

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is subsiding. Its chief use is in the treatment of chronic gout,

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The first of these contains 125 grams of bromine and 125 grams of

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impulse of the heart against the left side, varying in force, how-

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ners. The opinion, however, is still valid as regards

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endeavour to induce, through the agency of one of the CViilian

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things are explained to hasten or hinder the elimin-

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for like to seek like. Well-to-do people naturally select a house next

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audible is of more importance. As it is mainly the right side of the

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subject,'* a general recognition of the true pathology of refrigeratory

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The left is even more markedly discolored; the second toe is en-

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nosis and pathology, that no confidence whatever can be placed in their

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In the second case — a child, aged six years, with head

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gelatin shake cultures, 1 to 15 inclusive produced gas in twenty-four

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and heights in school children and in our knowledge of what actually

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Feb. 29, 1896, says: * 'There is no doubt that the bills already pre-

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the same side of tlie body at a point slit^htly posterior to a point

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suppose that premature labor had been caused by the administration of

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"We assume for the purpose of the present inquiry that adults

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Note. — The monographs mentioned above — which are sent free to any physician writing

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for the coming year as follows: president, Dr Shanley, of New Phila-

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tract with Metpath is capitated, and all blood sent to

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was pale and flabby; the left cavities were empty; the right con-

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intestinal tract. These cases are described under the special name

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telegraph poles and other places with announcements

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lesion, i. ., no preceding etiologic factor, such as inflammatory rheu-

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ing the case over, we decided to take the conservative plan of treat-

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might be replaced by certain aromatic infusions. The

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