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the animal dying in the usual period, namely, 24 days.

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it was made by all the English-speaking members — Dr.

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small intestines (Fig. 30) ; the pelvic specimen in the

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bation and propagation of pestilence is by no means reassuring to the

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infectious diseases (suiall-pox, measles, diphtheria and croup,

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cussion), 328. Also [ Abstr. ] : Med. & Surg. Reporter,

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thinks that the clinical picture of this form of atrophy is

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tention of the left side. He based his diagnosis upon

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suggested as explaining this rare and little understood affection. He then comes

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hosp ship). Blueprints and photographs of each hospi-

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operations as well) and direction of industrial development are toward modular

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" 5. The changes of temperature in diseases follow definite and known courses.

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justify interruption of pregnancy. One is uncontrollable vom-

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right to take the life of another in defense of his own ; but

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contact with the delicate serous membrane, and ulti-

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nutritive matters caused by the gastric and intestinal catarrh,

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and often destroys cattle. M. Moiroud says that ruminants

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are dilated. The terminal blood-vessels being now filled, there

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able /#/, 'sweeter than the lids of Juno's eyes, or Cytherea's

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The Choice of Diet for Diabetics. — The experimental data described

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case of cystic and of old parenchymatous goiters they are of little

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ing gradually into the chest of the horse. Above this the human

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which has been found quite successful in Madras. If these are not

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belly, and arise from the outer condyle of the femur,

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on the dorsal than on the palmar surface. On the backs of the hands and

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Repeat in two hours if not relieved, and continue to do so

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pacity of 500 beds, at a cost of $700,000, will be the