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and altitudes and in all climates. It is most frequent in temperate
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in the psoriatic, but of a pathological unity — " psoriasis arthropathique."
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Divergence in 2 cases, or about thirty-three and a third
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a gnll-stone presenting the form of an elongated gall-bladder, meaBiiriii|
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legs begin to bend, there is a very marked enlargement of the epiphyses of
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chir. Presse, 1871, vii, 416-419. — Ziehen (T.) Ueber
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are diarrhoeas which can be cured by treatment directed
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anee of tlie act of defecation, the evacuation lx*ing, in consequence, in-
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a grain and a half of strychnine without inducing any sym-
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larly when so commonplace a condition as tuberculosis is under treat-
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found that patients with interstitial nephritis suffer no dimi-
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(he saine day, to \e.<ri',\ti ctiarges of Dr. Thom
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day, which he triumphantly swallowed, and at twelve, that night, be was
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nonprotein nitrogen found in the blood of gouty persons.
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quently gives rise are entirely different from those of the other. If^
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congenital weakness, which usually proves fatal in a few days or weeks ; or,
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ment, or to make a negative. But the course now proposed is,
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Daniel, N. C, Oxford, N. C. Med. Coll., 1895 "~~ 1895 1902
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Let’s look in more detail at the Canadian system. It
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Except in rare cases, milk as a chief or even large article of diet, is most perm
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found to be by far the commonest, and this is contirmed by most
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simulates some cases closely. Neither trypanosomes nor bacteria
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" Why, I bought a whole bottle and took a spoonful before
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1 eluding the sub-mucosa, which is the strength of the
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catarrh. At first there is a serous, and, later on, a muco-
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1211 N Sharlel Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103 232-1333
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in Georgia, in most parts of European Russia, in the northern parts of
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tion, in the form of a fine powder, mixed with lard, it would
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assembly from oiitl^dng country districts in November, 1918,2
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the third day by the continuance of fever and the absence of the cniptMi.
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scissors through its readily apparent junction with
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tradiction to the opinion of some authors that suction
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eases of Women and Clinical Gynaecology; Samuel A. Mc-