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member still present. Hemorrhage may or may not complicate the

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recognized most frequently in rheumatic persons, and present such definite

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public through the daily press, and influence public opinion on many

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North Philadelphia Hospital. The incorporators have

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the stop-cock action of the ultimate pulmonary arteries. Dr..

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and metastatic abscess will be the result. We have discussed the pa-

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especially where a furred centre, red edges, and prominent

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salaries of hospital administrations over the past 10 years.

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but what a history of remorse and self-condemnation.

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cases. Morgagni's case is a good one ; an autopsy yielding

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degree, in a single instance. ]Nor is this at all strange.

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Verhoeff (he. cit.) interprets the cells in his case, one of those studied here,

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Alcohol in the Etiology of Tuberculosis. — M. Tison

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haemorrhages, or similar debilitating causes, without any organic af-

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passes forwards alongside the gut through the thorax into

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which they are exposed, particularly insecticides used in spraying operations.

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taining qualifications for registration within any province ; (j) the terms, conditions and

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on their anterior face ; that the coronoid processes, completely enveloped by

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large and have a dull finish. Natural slate or black glass are

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and effective contact with this surface. The action of the dyes

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The case in which D. employed arsenic occurred as a consequence of

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of papers if it were not accompanied by howls worthy of an eighteenth cen-

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Bell had discovered the composition of the roots of these nerves, he would have continued

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ficial details. If there is anything to be left to the imagina-

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thelium of the vessels is swollen, and the vessel-walls and the stroma

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the carrying out of simple principles. He must, first

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Pathology with Dr. Cayley in the Middlesex Hospital School,

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was good. The author saw him on the evening of the third