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changes in the tissue-cells, active such as swelling, multiplication
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Age. At what age should we draw the line? From the experience of this
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yellow pus, slightly mixed with blood, is evacuated. If the incision is long
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Paul J. Baxley, M.D., F.A.C.P.*, F.A.C.C.**, F.C.C.P.
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galactose, and no fermentation occurs within the twenty-four hours usually
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expression of such suspicion, though another surgeon in the brigade, on whose judgment I
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disease, exclusive of toxical cases, is not of very frequent occurrence — a fact
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fifth day, or before the eruption has had time to become distinct.
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6upply, wardrobe arrangements, and so forth. 4. That
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injected. This was given for both its local and its con-
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Arguing from his own results this author believes that
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indicated any marks of intelligence. The tongue was a large
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diate orders of the director of field hospitals, when there is one;
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The slides were heated in a hot oven to 98' F., and im-
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Class 5. — With the insufficiency of inspiration, the ex-
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Dr. Aquilla Smith : I will not as long as that resolution
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Heubner: Verhandlungen des Vereins fiir innere Medicin zu
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hands pointed to a basilar trouble aflfecting symmetrically either
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factor, our remedial measures should be early directed to improve the
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of cotton. By giving the sponge a preliminary squeeze,
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ed with a sensation as its cause af the time. Every conscient action of
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Dr. "W. C. Towts'Send, Physician, South Infirmary — 1. Considers
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nized without the aid of the Rontgen ray, Wassermann reaction and
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The point of differential diagnosis is particularly applicable
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branching casts of the ultimate air-tubes, now and then, for a long
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into the left internal laryngeal nerve and subsequently into the right
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deaux, 1886, 159-207. Also: J. de med. de Bordeaux,
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ammonia — -salts possessing a high degree of solubility, whilst the urates of these
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patient always dying if the pulse ceases before the
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is, this reasoning will equally well apply to many infectious diseases. And
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also be noted, as one of the unexplained phenomena of cere-