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The other theory and the one which to-day finds most
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power of those partially deaf It is to be constructed on
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mode of effecting the former, which is most likely to prove
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purpose, and, as there is little likelihood that the council committee
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rate of 5 per day ; a casualty rate of 20 per week ; a hospital ad-
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not take them into the wards, except those employed in the laundry, who
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in some mysterious manner. This view has been altered more recently;
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recti and hyperphoria. He had a history of syphilis,
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come to the recollection of many practitioners, that they have, in the
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posed of forty to fifty rings of cartilage united by strong, elastic
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70, of 35 luxations, 30 were at this articulation. It is presumable that the
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an excess of cerebro-spinal fluid, with dilatation of the lateral ventricles of
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solution of nitrate of silver applied to the whole surface of the
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by the tetanus bacillus, acquires antidotal properties.
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species of worms enclosing the ova, which they find
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it is due to thrombosis of the veins which go from the
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that condition ; and who shall visit all milk dairies and
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and of character to constitute insanity. Many of these patients have
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questions in this last Report number 41 G ; then follows an ap-
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an average error less than 1 per cent. The fat forms so large a
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is either voided drop by drop, or cannot be voided at all ; if the detrusor
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point a superintendent and steward of each institution
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suading the king to grant a charter to a small body of
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(I) Gunshot v^ounds of the face, mouth and pharynx.
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instead of completely disappearing under pressure as it does in the
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consisted of local antiseptic dressings of iodoform gauze, and,
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effective agency of enlightened administrators, and of well-trained and
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(Eustace Smith, M. D., F. K. C S. The Practitioner, Lon-
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The plug is left in situ until pains of an expulsive character set in. It may
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between 20 and 24 years, inclusive, 1S-4S per cent, were
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Chnic Baudelocque in Paris, which report, as would be seen, was
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