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would indicate, and it is partly in the hope that this particular point be
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questions of constitutionality, and those reforms which were not questioned in court have not
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Summer Sessions, 1866-67. — The following is the list of
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dozen Western cities shows that all are supjalied with
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improved, and in 5 days was convalescent. Rennie be-
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down, was gangrenous, and had to be removed. The peritoneal adhe-
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temperature and slower pulse of abscess replace the oscillating temperature
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commas) in ihe last number of the Joi;rnal, J). ibi, was taken from,
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and hydragogue cathartics, and afterwards with leeches to the prsecordia, which last
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the restiform bodies, or the peduncles of the cerebellum, whereby
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nified exterior, and above all a trimmer in party politics; whose
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fusion fluid that can cause standstill with the concentration in the heart. This
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it subsides till 3 p.m. It is, therefore, a great asset in favour of the
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tation. As the membranes were ruptured before she was seen by the
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paper for this Society. I know some of the men here just as the doctor
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when the parts are in a state of hyperaemia, and stimuli
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has characterised the teaching of former professors, and to
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More frequently, incontinence of urine, with or without retention,
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cludes, from the experiments made by him, that the dif-
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outdoor treatment must live from six to ten or more hours in the open
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uud iliro BoeiiiflussuLK durch Einl'uhrcii d<'rMelhyl- oder
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who had from the beginning of the i)eriod of puberty
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than ordinary chronic headaches, as there is often a
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aserre-noRud. On the right side affairs were not so simple. The
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new xirocedure for the cure of congenital talipes varus and
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in Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisoning, ed. 3,
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the site of the bullet, would have rendered removal of the bullet
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Injuries to the Pelvic Floor, and the Method of Re-
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and sulphuric acid have been added. By this means the lead
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reminded me of a table prepared by Dr. Weeks, of New
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SURFACE THERMOMKTRY OF THE HEAD. {Aiienisi and Neurologist,)
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" Your memory deceives you, madame, I handed you yesterday,
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1897. Veasey, Clarence A., 1118 W. 9th Ave., Spokane 9, Wash.
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no condition of a disease in which there may not be one or a