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Exammaiion of Upper Extremities. — ^Both shoulders are un-

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has published a case of stenosis of the tricuspid, mitral,

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plished, into Prophylactic, Abortive, Curative, Palliative, Hygienic, and Sustain-

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on March 4. The loss is estimated at about $20,000.

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New VA physicians bonus. EEO Employer. Contact: Chief of Staff,

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Society's Accounting Department. We have audited the

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results. Seven days thereafter I was again able nervous symptoms.

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minuria was not a constant feature even in this case ; it

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much more safely we might employ the kali purum; which, in the gene-

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Chemicals and Chemical Apparatus, for distribution.

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Alcoholic tincture. Dose, one-half to one teaspoonful di-

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The arteries of the brain may be divided into three systems cortical,

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pecially of scarlet fever. In both cases there is a blood-poison at

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malia is a question to be settled by future investigations.

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pelvis, and have been detected by palpation by rectum or

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The therapeutic value of absolute fixation of spinal traction, i. e., the complete

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of the breast. Stiles found five distinct sets of lym-

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try in all its forms, in all its stages, and in all its complications."

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pecially potash, have a beneficial action on the liver, which action

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suffei-ed from repeated attacks of malaria and who has not felt well for

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ity that disappears with treatment of the infection. 15 How-

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All the administrative officers were British until Lieut. Colonel Cabot

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particles of brownish debris are often seen to be grouped into cast-like

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often found after death in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. The portions

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gravated degree of inflammation in the parts recently enveloped.

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sultation it was determined, as a last resource, to

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gimlet, or a strong screw thrust into the trochanter to aid

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